Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Partnership with LOGOS

In an effort to provide local churches with organizational software that will help them manage membership, financial contributions, and accounting practices, Churchnet has partnered with LOGOS Management Software, Inc., a leading church management software company based out of Ann Arbor, MI.

The partnership was formed in response to the need to provide streamlined, affordable church management for the back-office operations of the church. LOGOS' robust reporting capabilities offer direct, tangible benefits to ministry, which are attractive to convention and church leaders. Churches associated with Churchnet (the doing-business name of the Baptist General Convention of Missouri) can find more information about LOGOS by clicking on the "LOGOS - Database Software" tab on Churchnet's website ( Special pricing is available to churches as a result of this partnership.

"We seek to provide valuable resources to the local churches," said Jim Hill, Churchnet's Executive Director. "We needed a top-notch solution from a leading management software provider we knew would help our local church staff to lead well with easily accessible information."

LOGOS exists to streamline the processes of the church by providing an intuitive system to store the congregation's information. That information becomes useful through reports, searches, a customizable quick access toolbar providing shortcuts for commonly used routines, and more.

"We are very excited about the newly formed partnership," said Janie Watanabe, director of Protestant sales for LOGOS. "This partnership allows us to deliver the best possible technological ministry management and accounting software to every ministry the Baptist General Convention of Missouri serves."

LOGOS Management Software, LLC began in 1980 and has proven its commitment to meet the changing needs of churches with great service, reliable and easy-to-use products, and regular enhancements that empower ministries with current technology. Logos presently serves over 12,000 churches with products that track membership, attendance, volunteers, scheduling, pledges, online giving, small groups, child check-in, fund accounting, and more.

Churchnet is excited to partner with LOGOS to offer this service to churches as they seek to share hope with their communities.

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